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Creative, engaging,

forward-thinking multimedia professional

Mars Rinaldi

Audio Production


Promotional spots produced for Policing Greene LLC

News stories written, voiced, and edited for WYAY 106.7

Print & Digital Marketing Materials

BCJ Play Flyer

Informational flyer for proposed new feature for local newspaper.

SMK Gift Certificate

Gift certificate created for home-based cupcake business

Policing Greene Logo

Logo created for podcast to be used on webpage and promotional material

FS Newspaper Ad

Seasonal newspaper ad created for local daycare facility, created to daycare specifications

Amplifier Logo

Logo created for Amplifier Media Consulting

Click the icon to visit the webpage for The Policing Greene Podcast. This page is part of a digital marketing strategy developed by Mars Rinaldi for Policing Greene LLC, and was designed, built, and is managed by Mars as part of a contracted agreement between Policing Greene LLC and Amplifier Media Consulting.

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