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Voice Over

A clear, professional, engaging voice with the right tone and inflection can help your message stick in the minds of prospective clients. 

These days, you're hearing a lot about using AI to simplify production- just tell the app what you want it to say, and the file is on your device in minutes. As a business owner, the idea of making your work easier and faster is a big selling point- but working with AI you lose the ability to really reach your audience with the human factor. 

Amplifier Media Productions gives you the interpersonal, conversational voice you want at a price point that works with your budget. Unlike AI programs, your voice over artist can produce your project in different styles and feelings; making sure that you get your message across in the way you want it heard. 

We can work with you on all aspects of the production process- from copy writing to finding the perfect music bed for the project. Just bring us your vision, and we will help you bring it to life!


Radio Commercials - Television Voice Overs - Internet Ads - Phone Tree System Messages - Video Voice Overs - Recorded Announcements

Our Clients

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